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Sperm donation

What does it involve?

This involves providing sperm to couples whose male partner has a serious problem conceiving. It can be also used by women who do not have a partner and wish to have children. Anonymity is absolute and before donation the donor must pass a thorough examination to determine that he does not have any genetic illnesses or sexually transmitted diseases.

El anonimato es absoluto y antes de la donación el donante debe pasar un completo estudio para determinar que no tiene ninguna enfermedad de tipo genético o de transmisión sexual.


How can you donate sperm?

Before beginning the procedure to ensure the donor’s health and the quality of the sperm, the following tests take place:

Confidential interview.

Clinical exploration.

General analysis and serology. 

Karyotype analysis and testing for genetic diseases.


Will the recipient or the future child know my identity?

Not at all, the law guarantees that neither the recipient nor the new-born can know the donor’s identity..


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or problem you may have before and during the procedure.


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