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Artificial Insemination With Conjugal Semen

This treatment involves depositing a semen sample (previously cleaned and trained in the laboratory) inside the uterine cavity. This procedure takes place in a consultation room, is straightforward and causes no pain. After a few minutes rest, the patient can return home with instructions to continue with her normal routine.

The pregnancy rate by cycle of this treatment is 15-20% and it is recommended to do this up to 4 times to achieve the highest rates of success. In this case, the semen must achieve certain minimal parameters that ensure its quality, and at least one Fallopian tube must be working. For those women who ovulated correctly, this can be done during their natural cycle without treatment (though better results are achieved when ovulation is stimulated by oral medication or the subcutaneous administration of drugs.

To control the timing of the ovulation, ultrasound scans on alternate days are necessary and in a number which normally do not exceed of five. The insemination takes place on the day of ovulation using a semen sample prepared in the lab to ensure a higher capacity for fertilization.



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