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Diagnostic test

Diagnostic tests for both partners are essential to diagnose and treat any infertility. The initial set of tests to direct the diagnosis and treatment is called a basic examination of sterility and includes:

  • Clinical anamnesis.
  • Gynaecological analysis and ultrasound scan.
  • Initial hormonal tests.
  • Semen analysis.
  • Andrological analysis.
  • Verification of suitable permeability and function of the Fallopian tubes.
  • To ensure suitable safety for the couple seeking to reproduce, and of the andrology and in vitro fertility labs, infectious illness are tested for including: syphilis, hepatitis B and C, AIDS, Toxoplasmosis and Rubella.

Depending on the information obtained, other tests may be necessary:


Further tests in women:

  • Vaginal ultrasound scan. We evaluate the morphology of uterus, its cavity and endometrial appearance, as well as the structure of the ovaries.
  • Daily basal temperature.
  • Hormonal analysis of the first stage of the cycle. We evaluate the levels of FSH, LH, 17 beta-oestradiol and PRL.
  • Hormonal analysis at the second stage of the cycle. We evaluate the levels of plasma progesterone.
  • Endometrial biopsy at the second stage of the cycle by means of endometrial aspiration. Endometrial development and its receptivity and suitability to gestation are examined.
  • Hysteroscopy. This is recommended when we suspect alteration of the uterine cavity or endometrial pathology like polyps or myomas.
  • Therapeutic/ Diagnostic laparoscopy: This is conducted where there is suspicion of a tube-adherential pathology, endometriosis or where the previous studies have not been conclusive. This test takes place under general anaesthetic and involves the introduction of an optic through a small infra-umbilical abdominal incision. Through a television circuit and helped by instruments using accessory incisions, we are able to view the pelvis, check the tubal permeability, evaluate the presence of ovulatory stigmas, endometriosis and adhesional syndrome, as well as examine these pathologies in order to establish a reproductive prognosis and suggest suitable treatment. If necessary, the diagnostic laparoscopy can turn into surgery as modern endoscopy tools allow us to carry out several interventions using this channel and avoid lengthy post-operative recovery for our patients.

Further tests in men.

  • Testicular Doppler.
  • Hormonal analysis (FSH, LH, PRL, Testosterone).
  • Karyotype test in peripheral blood
  • Sperm sample.
  • Seminal plasma biochemical.
  • Testicular biopsy
  • Seminal channel study.
  • FISH in sperm.
  • Meiosis study.
  • Study of spermatic fragmentation of DNA.

Other further tests:

  • Blood sugar curve..
  • Insulin resistance.
  • Extend hormonal determinations (TSH, T3, T4).
  • Karyotype test in peripheral blood.
  • Genetic studies.
  • Special coagulation studies (lupicus anti-coagulant, anti-cardiolipins, S and C coagulative protein).
  • Thrombofilia test.
  • Cervical cancer screening with exoendocervical cytology.
  • Breast cancer screening with mammogram for women over 40.


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