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If you are going to receive a medical, surgical, radiotheurapeutic or chemotheurapeutic treatment which can compromise your fertility, there are several treatments that which can help you. We can now cryopreserve ovocytes with the same guarantees as sperm and provide alternatives such as ovarian cortex freezing, the freezing of immature ovocytes and their subsequent maturation in vitro, as well as an ovarian stimulation protocol suited to hormonally-associated cancer and those situations in which it is not possible to proceed in the usual way.


Vitrification has made some extremely important improvements in the success rates of conception with frozen embryos, so apart from achieving a return on the in vitro fertilization treatments in all the couples who used them, it offers an alternative to preserve fertility for close and stable couples as they decide on treatments which may compromise future fertility. Contact us and we will study your case and suggest the best course of action for you.


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