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Miscarriage Study


This involves a comprehensive study of the reasons for the miscarriage in couples who have more than 2 miscarriages. Although in 50% of cases it is not possible to determine a cause, it is recommended as if a cause is discovered and treated, as the chance for the next pregnancy to be progress is 70%.


The most important causes are:

  • Uterine deformities and intrauterine polyp or myoma which make embryonic implantation difficult.
  • Chromosome disorders in progenitors that increase the risks of anomalous embryos..
  • Disruptions of coagulation in the mother risking thromboembolic phenomenom associated with pregnancy and poor reproductive results.
  • Endocrine pathology (diabetes, hypo and hyperthyroidism) and infectious (syphilis).

To evaluate these things, we conduct image tests such as ultrasound scans and RMN, chromosome tests, endocrinological tests and special coagulation studies.


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