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STERILITY is defined as the inability to conceive following one year of sexual relations without any form contraception. 60% of couples of a fertile age conceive within 6 months, 85% within 12 months and a 90% within 18 months. No cause of sterility can be found for 15% of sterile couples and this group has a high chance of conceiving spontaneously or after treatment. 85% of sterile couples are diagnosed with a cause of their sterility and, therefore, need individualized treatment in the form of medication, simple surgical intervention or other assisted reproduction treatments.


INFERTILITY is defined as a pregnancy that does not culminate in the birth of a healthy baby of normal weight and carried to full term. While it is not always is possible to find a cause for infertility, it is necessary to rule out any pathologies that can be treated with surgery via hysteroscopy, anticoagulants or with the help of assisted reproduction treatments.


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